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Novacciai srl
Via Galvani n°9 - 20054 Nova Milanese (MI)
Tel. 0362 40926
Fax 0362 42795
mail: info@novacciai.net

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Novacciai was born in the Sixties as “Trafileria Manzoni”, founded by Bruno Manzoni.
For almost thirty years this firm has specialized in round and square plates wire drawing (sharp corner, round edge plates) until the beginning of the Nineties when the firm became Novacciai Ltd.
Novacciai developed the production of angles, with equal or unequal sides, Fe37 steel wire drawn, sharp corner or round edges.
Nowadays our angles range is from the smallest measure of  10 x 10 x 2, to 100 x100 x 10.

At the same time Novacciai began to wire draw special profiles, on request and on design, from 20 x 3until  90 x 6, in Fe37, C40, C10, AVZ, 32CD4, A105, Fe60, etc.

At the moment our production process is the cold drawing of hot-rolled material that comes in our factory from well-known iron foundries.
For certain profiles,  we are able to wire draw in two steps and in short time.